What story would you like to tell?

Pictures speak a thousand words...they help freeze a moment in time to forever cherish...they tell a story...they raise a smile or recreate a memory as you look back over them...they make a house a home.

We all know how busy life is and time passes us by in the blink of an eye. Kids are a year older, we reach another anniversary or milestone events come knocking. Each of these moments become chapters in our life story, committed to the memory bank.

Wouldn't it be nice to adorn these chapters with beautiful images to look back on and cherish? Images which capture that time, true to life and naturally, in order to evoke the emotions and feelings of the very moment?

That is why I love to capture images...to take you back to those special moments that we wish we could bottle and keep forever, exactly as they were.

“Ellie is a natural behind the camera”

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