I am Ellie Mac...

...and I would love to meet you and help capture photos to tell your story.

But who is this person that you would be spending an hour or more of your time with?! Well here are some facts about me...

I have grown up in Northamptonshire and I am a country girl through and through

I am married to Ant Mac and totally besotted with our daughter Edie 'MiniMac' and latest addition Sonny 'Baby Mac'

I studied psychology at Leeds University

I love Angel Delight (old school I know!)

I once featured on an ITV modelling programme and had to get into a bikini....those days are long gone!

I spent 6 months in France as a chalet girl cooking for 20 each night

My 'other' job is a Marketing Manager for Jaguar Land Rover in their Global Office

To see all my latest photos (and trials and tribulations of family life) go find me on Instagram @ellie.m.a.c

How did I get into Photography?

Do you remember back to school, age 14 and discussing subject choices, careers, work experience? Did you know back then what you wanted to become?

I thought I did, I thought it would be great to be a vet or a lawyer. However this was soon quashed when I realised I probably couldn’t get the grades needed and an unfortunate stint of work experience in a law firm put me off for life...but that’s another story!

So there I was age 15 having no clue what I would do with myself...a theme that continued until 2016.

I finished school and university (a Psychology degree, I still find human behaviour fascinating) and at the same time followed in my father’s footsteps into the automotive industry. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Working within dealerships and Manufacturers (BMW, Honda, Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover) I started to find my feet and realised I had a passion for marketing. How could you take a product and create a brand and experience that resonated with potential customers and ensured it excelled within a crowded market. A clear component to this is imagery and the story you can create with it to influence how people view your product or service. This is where an interest in photography began.

Fast forward to 2016 and we welcomed our gorgeous daughter into the world. The career took a break and in order to keep myself occupied (as if a baby didn’t keep me busy enough?!) I took the plunge and invested in my first DSLR camera (Canon if you are asking) in order to capture precious moments of our first born.

My passion and skills grew, my camera came everywhere with me. I annoyed friends and family constantly snapping away but got a kick every time I nailed the photos and people loved the images I shared with them. I started supporting small brands with their photography and people started to ask me to photograph various milestones.

Up until this point I thought I had found my career in marketing, a jobs a job right, surely it is never really enjoyable? But what if it could be different? What if you could really love your job and get huge amounts of satisfaction from it? Could I just maybe take the plunge and try to turn my passion into something that helped pay the bills?! Don’t be silly I said for a long time you aren’t good enough, there are loads of photographers out there. But then I stopped and thought what have you got to lose? So here I find myself, with my first website, my name on the front page, talking to you and telling you a chapter of my story.

Now it’s your turn, let me help tell the current chapter of your story through the medium of photography, be it personal or business.



“Ellie was fantastically patient with myself and my 2 young children and helped us all feel at ease in front of the camera. She managed to capture some fabulous shots which show off my sons personality and the sibling bond to perfection”